ACTIONHOUSE specialises in creating high-powered stunt action for the film and television industry, offering the most experienced Stunt Coordinators, Performers and Rigging Specialists, designing one of a kind action sequences that are safe and amazing on screen.


Our main focus is to create the most dynamic action sequences through experience and knowledge, and by using the latest specialised stunt equipment, will choreograph  and execute the most effective stunt action for your production.


Each member of the ACTIONHOUSE team are professional stunt performers, with many years of on set experience, our standards and work ethics are extremely high which makes us the best and safest in the business.




Coordinating Action is the best way to showcase your experience and knowledge of the industry

Working alongside Directors and bringing their vision of the Action to the big screen is extremley gratifying.

All of our Stunt Coordinators have many years of on set experience, who all strive to produce the best quality Stunt Action safely.




With films demanding bigger and better Action, Stunt Rigging is an ever-changing and developing art.

We have spent years perfecting and designing new and exciting Rigs to keep the audience guessing and continually asking themselves, how the hell did they do that.

We have performed 100's of Flying Rigs with a Hong Kong style feel, and Steve McQuillan was the Rigging Coordinator on the very popular TV Series Power Rangers, designing and executing extremley complex rigs over six consecutive seasons without incident.

We stock the latest Rigging Equipment from around the world, everything from Air Ratchets, Flying Rigs, Stunt Mats, Harnesses and Personal Protective wear for cast members and more...

We have a wide range of Stunt Performers from a variety of Backgrounds including Gymnatsics, Martial Arts, Horse Riding and Precision Vehicle Handling. We also utlilise specialized performers if you require a particular stunt that is a little out of the norm.

We will provide you with the most talanted stunt performers for the required action, and we source performers not just from New Zealand but from around the world, who possess the accurate skill set to deliver the best stunt action safely.









Our extremley talented and diverse fight team allows us to offer every fight system available.

Whether you are after a Martial Arts style fight or a full-on bar brawl, we will choreograph one of a kind fights that are fast and story driven.

We also train and assess lead cast members for up-and-coming Action roles, this gives them the confidence to get through a very physically demanding shoot.

ACTIONHOUSE also runs courses for new professional performers, who will be taught the proper techniques to achieve a long safe and healthy career in the Film and Television industry



If it's High Speed Multiple Car Crashes, T-Bone Crashes or Canon Roll Over's , we have the professionals to deliver it all.

Our highly skilled Vehicle Handlers are the best in the industry whom have all had many years of onset driving experience.

We use an extremley reliable Engineering Company to carry out all of our car builds, who work to the codes of practices set out by the New Zealand Rally Association.





Horses are  amazing and powerful creatures that bring a film set to life. Horses need to be in the hands of extremely professional handlers, and beacause of this we have cemented a strong working relationship with Horse Master Wayne McCormack and Equine Films Ltd.

Wayne and his Wranglers are the best in the business, and their picture horses are stunning to see on-screen.

Wayne has spent years training horses to perform live action stunts on location safely, and all of the top Stunt Riders from around the world have voiced their respect for Wayne, his horses and his team.








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